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notes + pics shared from the everyday life of andrea + jim carbine. in 2006 we jumped into this adventure promising "no small steps". now with two restaurants, a 1/4 acre garden, and a busy life amidst it all - we are certainly jumping in with two feet every day.


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a walk through the run…wednesday, april 16th, 2014

last night’s frost brought a little chill to the proceedings in the Run.  But things are chugging along and straight into spring.  First ASPARAGUS harvest ever, very satisfying!

Reading List (March 2014)

The reading list this month is growing longer by the minute, it seems as soon as I’ve finished one another author comes out with something brilliant.

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Putting the gardens to bed for the winter season over at the Run.  Spent the better part of the morning pruning all of the vines…the concord grapes are ready for the winter season, the wisteria is cut back, the box beds are full of compost + leaves, and the in ground rows are sown with winter rye! It was a nice way to spend one of the last semi-warm days of the season before the hard frosts roll in!

Tassot Apiaries Buzzing Farm Visit

Jim and I had the pleasure of heading up to Milford, NJ yesterday to take a tour of Tassot Apiaries with Beatrice Tassot, to learn a bit more about their bees, their farm, and the process of harvesting honey on a smaller scale (potentially for us!).

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we might all be a bit divided on our love of the actual vegetable…but the beauty of the okra flower is just remarkable.

a walk through the run….sunday, august 11th

the texture of summer leaves in the garden is always remarkable - leave it up to mother nature to come up with this variety of textures and variations on the color green!

A walk through the run Sunday, July 28th, 2013.

The late summer combination of heat + rain is doing wonders in the Run.  Tomatoes are coloring and abundant, flowers are super happy, beans are out of control, and a few fall stalwarts (cabbage, okra, squash) are starting their work.  The walking onions are starting to set down root as well - after a summer of craziness.  The Toute menu is definitely reaping the benefit of all the garden work, delicious.

had a nice clean-up afternoon with principle Angelo over at the Walnut Avenue School gardens yesterday - really love their garden mascots through the plots…sculptures that add nice depth and interest to the abundant plots of flowers + veggies.  great program for some lucky kids!  

all I wanted for my birthday dinner (continuing with the birthday month theme) was a bit of a clambake.  I scored.  Vince (our fishmonger over at Westfield Seafood) found me live crawdads, rock crab, pound + quarter lobsters, and clams.  I added old bay, garlic roast potatoes, kielbasa, and cocktails galore.  dinner, done.  amazing.

congratulations on your engagement Heidi + Kamel!! Christopher Columbus park by the waterfront is a wonder. Jim at Coppa pizza with an egg on top, love, at Coppa...did I mention the cocktails. the entrance sign at B&G, the best part - they have a second that points across to their butcher shop that states oyster plate at B&G oyster whipped ricotta, pickled rhubarb, and olive oil to start the meal at the diner-counter that is Sportello a tasting of specialty UFO brews (wheat beer) at Harpoon brewery penguin feeding time at the aquarium

in celebration of birthday month, I convinced Jim to take a couple of days off to spend in Boston.  we realized when we hit town that it had been at least 7 years since I’d been back…and there was a lot to explore and celebrate (my friend Heidi is getting married!!)!  the town has seriously upped its food + drink game too - we did a bit of a Barbara Lynch crawl hitting up some excellent cocktails during, and took in some of the cheese + food delights (Coppa) of the South End neighborhood.  a highlight, heading over to the newer revitalized “southie” neighborhood for a little harpoon beer tasting, sportello eating, and exploration!  

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